Sanhua Leng

Sanhua Leng is a prestigious acupuncturist, leading from philosophic acupuncture to evidence- and science-based acupuncture. He is also an author of the book Meridian and Counter Stimulation Therapy for Pain Syndrome, which explains and introduces the benefits of acupuncture. He has been invited over 16 times by international universities, colleges, acupuncture associations in the past 3 years educating and teaching licensed acupuncturists all over USA and China.

His theory, concepts, techniques, and publications have been published and spread all over the world through magazines, journals, newspapers, internet media infectiously. Currently he is honored as Associate Chairman of China-US Institute for Acupuncture and Rehabilitation, Senior Expert of the first expert committee of China-US Institute for Acupuncture and rehabilitation, professor of doctor program of American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine,   Distinguished Professor of Hubei Chinese Medicine Hospital,  President of Talented Hands Physical Therapy & Acupuncture and the board member of American TCM Society.

His achievements are built upon his industrious learning, practicing, deep and critical thinking as an acupuncturist, physical therapist, and MD. The wide knowledge scope enabled him to help patient in his unique approaches. Generally, his patients are those who have tried many kinds of treatment without remarkable improvement. He evaluates patients using his special palpation skills and seeks for missed points by other doctors. Then he treats patients with various or combination of different techniques, such as acupuncture, cupping, tapping, stretching, joint mobilization, modalities, exercises, et al. Patients can experience some pain or pain-free, most patients feel relaxed even fall asleep during the session. You can expect an instant improvement at the first visit, and you may have your problem thoroughly resolved if you get the treatments consistently. Many patients state he has magical hands-that is why his company is named as Talented Hands Physical Therapy and Acupuncture.

Besides healing his patients, Dr. Leng also enjoys the time playing with his two lovely daughters, soccer and writing his new book on acupuncture and physical therapy.


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