We provide Physical Therapy services

Medical science keeps progressing, and Dr. Leng keeps incorporating science progresses into his specialty and practice. You can expect an outstanding outcome.

A complete and accurate evaluation is essential for the plan of care. Dr. Leng has background as acupuncturist, physical therapist and medical doctor. He evaluates patient with techniques and skills origin from different specialties and finds signs that are often missed by other doctors. He not only evaluates the local area of patient’s complains, but also evaluate distal areas that are associated with these complains.

After the initial evaluation, a brief treatment will be done for the patient and instant response of the treatment will be observed at the first visit. If the response is positive, a detailed plan of care will be discussed with the patient. The following are common but not all treatments techniques and procedures:

  • Soft tissue manual work: massage/soft tissue mobility, tender point release, trigger point release, active point release, myofascial release, muscle stretch, fascial stretch, acupressure, et al.
  • Needling: manual needling acupuncture, electric needling acupuncture. Needling guided by evidenced and science based needling concepts. Techniques of pain free needling are available.
  • Patient education: lifestyle, diet, exercises, prevention and prognosis of certain condition, et al.

Adherent to plan of care is very important to achieve the best outcome.


Trigger Point



Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Elbow Pain

Wrist/Hand Pain

Upper Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Hip Pain

Knee Pain

Ankle pain

Foot pain

Cancer Pain

Neurological Pain


Facial Paralysis






Abnormal Gait

Impaired Balance


Itchy Skin

Itchy Eyes

Itchy Nose

Itchy Throat

Itchy Pharynx


Chronic Dry Cough




Low energy

Upset Stomach

Aches & Tense

Chest Pain

Rapid Heartbeat

Frequent Colds Frequent Infections

Sexual dysfunction