Pain in any region of head is called headache, may occur in one or both sides of the head, may shoots to eye, may be sharp pain, throbbing pain, dull pain, distension or heavy sensation, or association with dizziness, vertigo, et al.

Most patients see family doctor or neurologist at first, take prescribed pain medicine, and get pain relieve. However, pain medicine doesn’t resolve the problem because the headache usually comes back, gets more intense and more frequent headache over long term, and pain medicine gradually lose its power to relieve the pain. The reason is that pain medicine just treats the symptom other than the cause of headache.

Combination of physical therapy and acupuncture may be the best choice. Counter Stimulation Therapy is an integrative approach for the management for headache, better than physical therapy alone or acupuncture alone. Counter Stimulation Therapy can reduce pain faster, promote the healing faster, strengthening the muscle and restore function faster.

While manage with Counter Stimulation Therapy, not only the head is evaluated, any headache associated structures will be evaluated. As a result, many associated tender points (not only in head area) or trigger points will be identified (theses are generally missed by most doctors). These associated tender or trigger points are very important in reducing pain and promoted healing. If you have headache, you may find tender points showed in chart 1 and chart 2.

During the first visit, patient will expect about one-hour evaluation and treatment. The associated tender points and trigger points will be found, and a brief treatment with be done to patient. A majority of patient will experience relieve of pain, and then a detailed plane of care will be discussed with patient.

Adherent to the plan of care is essential to the best outcome.