The most common hip pain patterns include hip joint pain (chart 1), hip flexor (chart 2), IT band (chart 4), hip adductor (chat 5), bursitis (chart 3), hip extensor (chart 6).

If the pain persists over three months, patient shouldn’t rely on pain medicine and steroids. Opiates misuse has been US national crisis. Patient should be educated that many patients were killed and are killing by opiates. Repetitive injection of steroids makes hip pain worse eventually other than better in many patients. Non-steroid pain medicine has serious side effects, such as digestive ulcer, bleeding. Chronic hip pain patients should seek natural healing treatments, such as physical therapy, acupuncture.

Many patients are scared by the X-ray, MRI results. Some patients need surgery, and others doesn’t. Although the problem is in hip, there are local or distant tender points and trigger points are associated. Counter Stimulation Therapy, an integrative approach of physical therapy and acupuncture, will evaluated both the joint and associated tender or trigger points, and a premium plan of care is made to address all the joints and associated structure. Patient can expect fast and better recovery generally.

Adherent to the plan of care is essential to the best outcome.