Neck pain happen only in neck area (none-radicular neck pain), or in the neck area and radiates to upper back or arms, numbness, tingling (radicular neck pain). The involved structures include muscle/ligaments, joints. Chart 1-7 shows the muscles that can be involved with the neck pain, chart 7-9 shows brachial plex, spine and vertebrae disc that are generally involved with radicular neck pain.

When suffering severe neck pain, mostly patient will see medical doctor or go to emergent department as the first choice. Patient may be prescribed with pain medicine or be injected with steroids. However, most patients or doctors are not aware that none-medicine treatment can be the best choice. A lot of patients with severe neck pain got pain relieve at the first visits with the treatment of physical therapy and acupuncture in our clinic. Our treatment addresses not only the involved muscles and joints in the neck area, but also tender points not in the neck, such as tender points in the chest, arms, arms, hands, legs and feet. A detailed evaluation will be performed, and a brief treatment will be done at the first visit, a plan of care will be made if the neck pain relieves with the tentative treatment.

When suffering neck pain for a long time, may be the patient has tried pain medicine, injection, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, massage, et al., but still suffering……This kinds of patients must find us because they are generally have nowhere to go, or has already lost hope. Our evaluation and treatment are different from any other doctors, which is named as Counter Stimulation Therapy. This an integrated approach of physical therapy and acupuncture, not only acupuncture plus physical therapy. Many patients response to Counter Stimulation Therapy well even if they failed with other treatments.